Sunday, April 1, 2012

Electric motorcycles to go wireless

As if the idea of electric motorcycles wasn’t forward thinking enough – they are about to get even more futuristic thanks to wireless technology.

Thanks to a new partnership between New York’s Evolve Motorcycles and Saturna Green Systems (logo, pictured), the former’s electric scooters and motorcycles will soon feature the latter’s wireless communications platform.SaturnaGreenSystemsLogo

Saturna is an automotive wireless technology developer and its platform for the electric motorcycles features: a high-speed processor; memory; GPS; and a 3D accelerometer.

The device will collect a wide variety of information on vehicle location, diagnostics and more; before transmitting them to a rider interface.

In addition, Saturna’s On-Vehicle Device provides CAN bus connectivity to the scooter or motorcycle’s electrical system: this will allow the electric motorcycles to collect accurate vehicle range and diagnostic information. It can also provide manufacturers and dealers with diagnostic trouble code information that can be used for warranty and maintenance programmes.

It is hoped the features will help deal with range and charging anxiety by giving the rider accurate charge and range information and connecting them to electric vehicle charging infrastructures.

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