Monday, April 23, 2012

James Franco: ‘New Movie is a Hard Watch’

JAMES-Franco JAMES Franco says is new movie is a hard watch.

The 127 Hours star wrote, directed, produced and stars in biopic The Broken Tower which tells the life story of the late American poet Hart Crane.

The black and white film is set for a limited release but James is still not expecting packed houses.

“I know this isn’t going be Spider-Man,” says James who starred in three Spidey blockbusters as Harry Osborne.

“I know people aren’t going to run out to the theatres to see this. I know that trying to be loyal to the tone of Crane’s work, I’m going get some criticism. If the audience feels a little lost, that’s okay because the audience in the theater will feel the same way as the audience when Crane was reading those poems in a salon.”

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